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Fashionably dressed girls, entertaining level performances and continuous dance made this do in Kanpur a must-attend for the members of a girls social club. What made the party even more stylish used to be the denim and pearl theme. Adhering to the get dressed code, the members of the club got here dressed in denim. The pleasure a number of the members used to be clearly visible as they accumulated to enjoy the night. Richa Saluja, who got here in early, used to be observed getting to the guests.
(L) Deepali and Menu (R) Geeta and Rosy (BCCL/ IB Singh)

The venue used to be beautifully decorated with jeans, denim hearts and pearl strings. Some mannequins sporting denim were also placed as party props. "This is the newest theme in the party circuit and who doesn’t like denim," stated Vinti.

(L) Mala (C) Nishu (R) Ritu (BCCL/ IB Singh)

Soon the venue used to be jam-packed and the DJ had everybody grooving to his tunes as he played some peppy dance numbers. We spotted Ratna, Ruchi, Preeti, Renuka and Suvinta dancing on songs Nashe Si Chadh Gayi and Dilbar. But this used to be no longer the end of the entertaining night. Several level performances via the club members also kept the party crowd entertained.

(L) Preeti, Renuka and Suvinta (R) Ratna and Ruchi (BCCL/ IB Singh)

Also spotted Tripti, Vaishali, Tazika Shiny, Nishu and Varsha.

(L) Richa and Bhavneet (R) Rosy and Preeti (BCCL/ IB Singh)

(L) Tripti and Vaishali (C) Varsha and Preeti (R) Vinti (BCCL/ IB Singh)

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