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LONDON: None of the present crop of world cricketers, set to compete in the upcoming ICC World Cup, is underneath scanner claimed governing frame's most sensible anti-corruption professional Alex Marshall, who expects the "safest" event in the history of the global meet.

For the first time ever, all 10 groups competing over the following six weeks in England and Wales could have their very own dedicated anti-corruption supervisor, travelling with them.


"Over the last 18 months, we have charged 14 or 15 people. None of those are current players. The people we have charged are administrators, senior administrators, board members, coaches, ex-players and an analyst. These are people on the edge of the squad, not people currently among the player group," showed ICC GM (ACU) Marshall throughout a media convention on Friday.

"In addition to the people we have charged, we have also disrupted more than 30 corruptors who are outside our code, but we nevertheless pursued them wherever they are in the world to make it hard for them to operate as corruptors anywhere near cricket," he added.

He is confident that the corruptors won't be able to breach the protective layers around the players.

"When corruptors look at the World Cup they see a very well organised, professional, well governed and well protected event. This is a very tough event for corruptors to come near. Of course they (corruptors) would love to, the yields would be high but our job throughout the World Cup will be to make sure they don't get near it."

Marshall said that players have been apprised of the danger perception and the ACU wing will stay a hawk eye at the record of attainable corruptors.

"The advantage we have at this World Cup is that I can guarantee everyone in every squad understands what the threat is, and what they should be looking out for, and they know how to keep themselves away from this problem," he said.

As far as the appointment of recent ACU managers for the groups are concerned, the idea is to make use of them to create an off-field rapport that helps in nipping in the bud, any off-field suspicious activity.

"These (managers) are my people who work all around the world and usually someone who has been working for that team over the last year anywhere, has been on tours and has a good relationship with the players and staff," he added.

Marshall is happy that an increasing number of players are now confident of reporting corrupt approaches to the dad or mum frame.

"We have developed a much closer relationship with the players and having them with across the whole World Cup just perpetuates that good relationship. And one of the indicators that we know it is working is a big increase in the number of reports coming in from the players."

However he agreed that the threat of corruptors will at all times be there.

"The threat is active and constant, but once the players have a good awareness and are well protected and a tournament is well run and cricket itself becomes resistant, that makes it harder and harder for the corruptors and maybe they will go elsewhere."

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