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WASHINGTON: An Indian-American was once arrested in the USA for threatening a person with a BB gun and inflicting a stampede all the way through an LGBTQ pleasure parade right here, leaving a number of people injured as hundreds of participants fled in panic fearing a mass shooter.

Aftabjit Singh, 38, pulled out the gun after someone else allegedly threatened his "significant other", police said.

The police arrested him and his BB gun -- one of those air gun designed to shoot steel ball projectiles -- was once captured from his brown bag.

Singh has been charged with the illegal ownership of a BB gun, wearing a perilous weapon and disorderly behavior. He is due in court docket on Monday.

Chaotic scene were seen in downtown Washington DC Saturday after word spread like a wildfire a few of the thousands of participants of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) pleasure parade that someone was once wearing a gun.

The city police on Sunday said Singh pulled the BB gun after someone else allegedly threatened his vital other. The alert police immediately arrested him and his BB gun was once captured from his brown bag.

According to the NBC Washington, numerous people informed News4 that they heard gunshots, but police said there was once no proof of a taking pictures.

"Police say one concerned citizen flagged down an officer, Blaise Maio, and pointed out Singh and a brown bag under a tree. Maio saw the suspect head towards the bag and stopped him. In the partially open bag, Maio reported he saw what appeared to be a silver handgun," the inside track record said.

"It was later determined that the gun was not a real handgun, but an imitation pistol that Singh identified as a BB gun," the inside track record said.

According to the police, while in custody, Singh threatened to shoot the one that had threatened his "significant other".

"I will be back," he said in step with police record.

Police said a number of people were injured as the result of the panic reaction by them.

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