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The verdict in the Kathua rape and homicide case has evoked robust reactions across the country. A Delhi courtroom on Monday sentenced the 3 top accused to existence imprisonment, while the other three had been despatched to 5 years in prison.
The incident happened in January, last 12 months. An eight-year-old nomad lady from Jammu & Kashmir's Kathua was once kidnapped sedated, and gang-raped by the convicts earlier than being bludgeoned to demise. According to the chargesheet, the woman was once used as a pawn to pressure out the Bakherwal Muslim (Gujjar- Bakherwal) nomads from the Kathua space of Jammu area.

The verdict has evoked robust reactions. While many really feel that the accused deserve capital punishment, there also are those who are in opposition to it. Senior lyricist-screenwriter Javed Akhtar, too, has voiced his opinion at the verdict. Talking at a ebook release, he said that he doesn’t have any clear ideas about capital punishment — and whether it’s right or improper. However, he said that capital punishment is not an efficient deterrent, as a result of in countries the place it's banned, the crime rate hasn’t larger. Also, in countries the place capital punishment continues to be allowed, there has been no dip in the crime rate. Hence, Javed Akhtar said, he doesn’t know needless to say if the accused will have to were given capital punishment or not.

However, he's nervous about the ‘existence imprisonment’ sentence. Javed Akhtar said that incessantly, folks sentenced to existence stroll out of the prison after two-three years. So, while existence imprisonment is a critical punishment, he said that the accused shouldn’t be allowed to stroll out after a few years.

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