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HYDERABAD: Taking child steps within the house of clinical research, government clinical colleges within the state have began churning out research research, majority of which are from Gandhi medical institution, Osmania General Hospital (OGH) and the Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS). Some of the research tasks approved beneath the (Medical Education Research in Telangana) MERIT scheme introduced within the state two years back are actually nearing of completion.

The MERIT scheme used to be launched with the aim of funding clinical research tasks via faculty and students of the government run clinical colleges and inspiring research on the undergraduate degree. A total of 78 tasks have been approved up to now out of the 250 proposals which had are available in. Interestingly, a lot of venture proposals via faculty contributors were filtered out.

A large bite of the approved research tasks are from clinical scholars. The research tasks are categorized beneath 4 different classes based on whether they're via undergraduate scholars, publish graduate scholars or via faculty contributors. “The tasks via undergraduate are most questionnaire primarily based, there are few tasks attempting microbiological research on subjects of malaria, dengue and obstetrics and protracted kidney disease via publish graduate scholars. There are about 41-44 approved beneath the 2 classes, most commonly from Gandhi medical institution and OGH. Although we have around 30 tasks beneath complicated and activity pressure tasks approved. Many of the tasks beneath those two classes have been filtered out. Two different variety committees scrutinize each venture. The scientific component in research must be guarded,” said Dr Y Manjusha, variety committee member, MERIT.

While expectations from venture proposals floated via faculty contributors is higher in the case of quality, a research coaching has been given to all main investigators in

MERIT has now tied up with the Centre for Cellular Mollecular Biology (CCMB), National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Indian Institute of Chemical Technology and Institute of Bioinformatics Bengaluru.

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