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Falguni Kothari's 2019 book, The Object of Your Affections, is set in contemporary occasions. It deals with the topics of circle of relatives, friendship, traditions and expectations, while on the heart of the plot lies the problem of surrogacy.

The Object of Your Affections is a story about two highest friends-- Paris and Naira. Paris Kahn Fraser is living a life which most girls would dream of having-- she lives in New York City, has a successful a career, and has a loving husband Neal. The only thing Neal thinks is missing in his life is fatherhood-- a dream he gave up to be with Paris. Meanwhile, Naira Dalmia is a tender widow living in Mumbai, who is stuck in the inflexible traditions and circle of relatives expectations after the death of her husband. At 30, all she needs in life is to start afresh. And so, she makes a decision to transport to New York and fasten along with her school highest pal Paris. But when Paris proposes Naira to be a surrogate for her kid, and even actively take part in elevating the kid, their lives change without end.

The advanced characters in Kothari's book showcase India's elite magnificence and their very own challenges. The story seems to be at two highest friends who attempt to redefine motherhood and circle of relatives in unconventional tactics.

How critics view the book:

Publishers Weekly writes, "Readers who have been on their own infertility or surrogacy journeys will feel many pangs of commonality with these all-too-human characters".

Bobbi Dumas writes for Kirkus Review, that Kothari's books "are special, blending intensity, humour and emotional depth; both fun and thought-provoking."

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